• Easy to learn, just two rules
  • For all skill levels
  • Ideal for Xmas, Birthdays, Game nights

£10 with free P&P

Also sold by Imagination Gaming

SAVVY is the only game in the world where you can win the game at any time in one turn, get free goes to catch up points, and you're always in it!

Starting with a card between 1 and 36, players have to decide whether the next turned up card will be higher or lower to accumulate points... but this is no game of random luck!

Counters mark which numbers have already been used on a simple mat, and players can easily see the chances of each call they make.

Each time you choose correctly, you accumulate a point in the 'holding area', and have the chance to choose higher or lower again from the new number, and get another point each time you guess correctly.

BUT... guess incorrectly and lose all the points from that turn! The only way to keep your points is to elect to stop, at which point the next player continues from the current number.  

Extra care is needed on the first guess of each of your turns too! You can elect to guess and start earning more points, but get your first guess wrong and you will lose HALF of all the points you have in your 'bank'!!!

Or, if its too risky, pass straight away to the next player, but this will cost you one point from your bank. If you've nothing in your bank, you have to play. Players on low points at the start of their turn, receive an extra go if they get their first call wrong.

So while this is a brilliant game of risk for anyone to play, it's also perfect for developing numerical and probability skills with children of all ages!

Older players will love the banter, and finding ways to formulate different strategies.