Have you got what it takes to be a savvy pilot navigating ever changing wind conditions?


AIR MASTER is an aviation game which tests your character at every move as you challenge the laws of probability.


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Game Details:


Push Your Luck. Win in one turn at any time.  1-6 Players, 8+, 10-60 minutes.  

Game Outline:

​Coast along on favourable winds, but catch the bad ones, and make no headway, or even be blown backwards!

Unravel the mysteries of weather patterns, and find the easy routes to lift the SAVVY crown.

You're never out of it and can win in one turn at any time.

Occasionally during the game, strong headwinds occur and current gains are lost.

In the final rounds, tropical storms can wreak havoc and force you further back from where you started.

You have options though, of sitting out potential storms by backtracking and waiting for it to pass. Or to backtrack at certain stages and check out alternative flight paths.

You can see the wind strengths you face at each moment of your turn, represented by numbered playing cards.

Taken into consideration with the accompanying wind chart, which shows which cards have already been played, you can judge in advance, the success of any choice you make.

The combination of chart and numbered cards, make it a very exceptional, and accurate weather forecasting mechanic. Outcomes are based on pure probability and not random luck.

This is reflected by calling whether the next card is higher or lower. Odds of getting it right, range between 50% and certainty.

For example, the first card out is 36 which cannot be beat, and so is a guaranteed point. (Players love these certain, and near certain situations, which sometimes occur one after the other).

The next card is 19, and you have to get points on the board, so you go low, and pull a 10.

Two points up, you call high and pull 32. Three points up now, you go low again and pull 24. Four points to the good.

Now you have decisions to make. Do you stop and bank the four? Or listen to the calls to keep going? Your call. The verbal part of the game is standard. This is how turns go.

After each successful forecast, you can call again, and your plane can keep moving forward.


However, you must judge when it’s time to bring that part of the journey to an end, as a subsequent wrong weather call will blow you off-course, and lose the progress you have just made.

Misjudging the weather for first calls on turns in the closing stages, equivalent to heavy storms will force your plane back, up to six rows from original starting positions.

There are also random squall areas where you must backtrack a row if wanting to shelter.

Being in the lead is not a given for success. Your progress is never certain, planes can go forwards, and backwards too.

Any player can go on a run at anytime and win the game.

Due to the high average call success rate, (over 75%), it’s very easy to rack up quick points, but you have to put your main focus on when to stop and bank those gains.

AIR MASTER is a non-confrontational game, apart from tactically leaving difficult weather cards for the next player to deal with.

However, players are still competing against each other to cross the winning line first. Risks have to be taken, but at what point?





Game-flow: Rows 0-3 start off very gently with no setbacks. This encourages players to play freely for points.

Rows 4-9 see minor penalties.

Rows 10-14 see pressure and banter increasing, as players decide how far they want to risk moving on their turn, because penalties include moving back to row 9.

The strategy is in odds judgement that will tax even the brightest minds, with levels of addiction that will compel you to get involved with other player decisions.

You may find yourself encouraging players to go for it, when really you want them to blow out and drop points. Oh there’s humour alright.

But when the same players then go on long winning runs, you actually want them to succeed. There’s an impulse to take interest in other players turns.

Then there’s your playing style. Are you an odds calculator who plays the percentages?

(If you’re into maths and probability, this is right up your street, and you will find good methods of play).

Or are you an instinct player who gets the feel of the cards and plays accordingly?

(Sometimes you’ll see a lopsided number chart, and know a change is coming).

Or never mind all that, you feel lucky and call whatever comes into your head; it's your day right?

(Only when all the luck is with you!)

Or should you play a mix of all three?

So back to the game, do you play, or pass and give the next player something to think about? No thanks there!

Get it wrong and there are penalties. Get it right and you’re on a roll.

Correct calls win points. Fifteen will win it. You can be nearly there, and then start dropping back.

Can you handle the sympathy?

Then there is the fantastic help from your fellow players.

Banter has no boundaries here, and some of the advice on offer would make your progress very backward indeed.

If you want to follow it, dream on – you’re in the wrong game.

Sometimes you will remember a game for the laughs you had, the winner is irrelevant, well nearly.


That’s how game sessions go.

Lots of humour and constant dilemmas. AIR MASTER is a one-off rollercoaster.



When we first trialled the prototype on Christmas night 2015, our youngest player was the neighbour's child from across the green. Same game-play, but without a board.

We showed him the concept of what to do, and guided him for a while on the best way to play.

He started cautiously to begin with, and then proceeded to win all three games.

A feat which has never been equalled since.

So to Owen, who was six and three quarters then, we salute you!

He's welcome back anytime he's changed his winning ways.

AIR MASTER is the new board game update.

For 1-6 players, aged 8 and upwards, and a playing time of 30-60 minutes.

(The new solo mode is time limited and allows players to compete against the deck.)

All age groups can understand the easy game mechanics, and many game plans can be devised, from simple hunch and feel, to varying degrees of mathematical strategies.

Experienced pilots judge the moments well, win more, and deservedly earn the SAVVY crown.


Components: Game board, number chart, Duo board, 36 playing cards, 6 planes, 6 position markers, 2 squall discs, 1 crown, 35 markers. 1-6 players, 8+, 30-60 mins.


Setup: Look through the cards and note the first two numbers from 10 to 14. Place the two blue squall discs on these same numbers on the game board.

Place a plane and position marker on the zero row for each player. The position marker is used to show the plane’s starting spot during a player‘s turn.

Place the SAVVY crown on the Win row.

Shuffle the cards and put one card aside face down. Lay the deck face down and turn over the top card and place beside it. Cover this number on the chart using the green markers.

(When the deck is depleted during the game, shuffle all the cards, including the card put aside, except the last turned up card, which becomes the new starting point).

How to Play: Choose a player to make first call as to whether the next card is higher or lower. There is a smoother game flow experience if one player manages the cards.

Choose a player to manage the number chart.

After each successful call, move the plane one row forward. If you then make an incorrect call, the plane is returned to its position marker, and no progress has been made.

After successful consecutive calls, you may choose to stop, and move the position marker forward to join the plane.

After unsuccessful calls, the turn is ended, and play moves clockwise.

Rows 0-3:

There is no penalty for a first incorrect call.

You may call again after an incorrect first call, one Free Go per turn.

If on the Start line (0), you must call.

You may pass your turn on rows 1-3 but move back a row.

Rows 4-9:

Move your plane and marker back a row for incorrect first calls.

At the start of your turn, before calling, you may choose to change the top card. However, move your plane and marker back a row.

Move your plane and marker back a row if deciding to pass your turn.

(If you change the top card and then pass, you will have moved back two rows).

(If you change the top card and then make an incorrect first call, you will end up moving back two rows).

Rows 10-14:

If you make an incorrect first call, move your plane and marker back to row 9.

You may choose to change the top card but move your plane and marker back a row.

You may pass on your turn but move your plane and marker back a row.

(If you change the top card and then pass, you will have moved back two rows).

If you change the top card and then make an incorrect first call, you move back to row 9.

Blue discs: These represent squalls. If you elect to stop when on one of these rows, you move back a row. If there is a second blue disc behind that, you move back another row.

If you want to pass or change the top card, and that action puts your plane back to a blue row, you move back another row - or two rows, if there are consecutive blue discs.

The first player to reach the Win area claims the SAVVY crown.

​​​Scenarios: TBA

Reviews: TBA

Game video: TBA

Game Concept: 

  • Where it’s possible to win the game at any time in one turn

  • Always have extra goes for players on low points

  • Where players are always in the game

  • Lots of room for strategies

  • Constant drama

  • Humour

  • Minimal rules

  • Easy learn for all ages

  • For children, adults, families

  • Specially made for casual players

  • A light hearted filler for serious gamers

Game Fit:


Its greatest strength lies in the ability to suit all age gatherings.

Family get-togethers are ideal for a game that is guaranteed easy to learn for children and seniors alike.

Everybody understands numbers, they're either high or low.


There's drama, humor and strategy.  With luck for those who feel they need it!

All you need to know is five actions,  A fascinating game of probabilities where any player can win outright at anytime in one turn.

Learn how to deal with chance. Are you cautious, fearless or calculating?  Which beats which over a period?

A friend said to me in the early days, "What I like about it is you're never out of it".

The original SAVVY (2016), was taken up by Imagination Gaming and is currently being played in care homes, institutions and as part of school games days in northern England UK since 2018. https://imaginationgaming.co.uk/blog/st-theresas-inter-school-tournaments-locality-c

Reviews for this early version of similar game-play can be found at: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/228710/savvy

AIR MASTER (2020), is a natural progression and will be a complete overhaul - with a game board, larger number chart, bonus Duo board, wooden plane pieces, new design playing cards, and minor updated rules to accommodate extra playing features.

The game art is nearing completion and we are hoping for a positive campaign.

Production: Will be manufactured  by Long Pack Games or Wingo in China, subject to final funding figures.

Shipping: Will be handled by ShipQuest for the best friendly shipping.


Current quotes:


UK: £9

EU: £14

US: £14

CAN: £14

AUS: £21

ROW: £30

Availability: Surplus games that include DUO will be sold for £30 through our website at SavvyGames.co.uk. DUO (£25) will be separately made available at a later date.

With proven interest among children and mathematicians, we believe the game has a place at the table.

400 backers can make AIR MASTER a reality.

Please support a simple game that’s always fun to play.


Click the link below to be notified on launch.




Tabletop Simulator link: Cards and number chart are auto scripted.




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