You are one of two pilots flying head to head against the elements and each other in order to claim the Savvy crown.

Features a unique scoring system using numbered cards and a corresponding number chart.

Your first battle is with the wind. Follow the favourable ones to help you on your way.


Catch the bad ones and be blown off course or even backwards.

You both fly the plane in opposite directions on your turn.

As an attacker you fly towards the crown. As a defender you fly away from it.

But the clock is ticking. Whoever owns the crown after two plays through the deck and one turn into the third is the winner.






Each player puts a blue squall disc in the opposite half of the board, excluding the centre and base rows.

Put a plane and position marker on the centre row.

Shuffle the cards and put a side face down. Lay the deck face down and turn over the top card and place beside it.


Cover this number on the chart using the green markers.

Determine by cutting the cards, who wants to go first as an attacker, or initial control of the crown as a defender.

Place the crown on the defending players base.

The attacker starts the game by calling whether the next card is higher or lower.

If successful, move the plane one row forward towards the crown.

You may continue to call again and can stop at any time.

When electing to stop after successful calls,move the position marker to join the plane.

If you make an incorrect call after successful ones, the plane is moved back to the position marker and no progress has been made.

When you stop, pass or make unsuccessful calls, your turn is ended.

Each player flies towards the opponent's base, observing the following penalties:

  • Incorrect first call: Move back two rows.

  • Pass: Move back a row. Only two consecutive passes allowed.

  • Stop: You cannot stop on a blue squall disc. Move back one row.

  • To change the top card once: at the start of your turn, before calling, move back one row.

EXCEPTIONS: You cannot pass or change the top card if that action would move the plane back to the crown. You cannot pass or change the top card if on your own base row.

When the deck is depleted during the game, shuffle all the cards including the one put aside, except the last turned card which becomes the new starting point.

ATTACKER: Once you reach the crown, you have the option of stopping immediately and moving it to your home base. Play restarts from the middle by the new attacker.

You may also keep calling to use up the deck (and stop at any time to take control of the crown while still successful) but will move back to the position marker if then making an incorrect call.

DEFENDER: You may move to the attacker's base. Once there, you may keep calling until stopping (to use up the deck) but will move back the position marker if then making an incorrect call.

If you make an incorrect call and that action moves the plane back to the crown, control is lost and the crown is moved to your opponent's base.

The game ends after two plays through the deck and one turn into the third deck by both players.